Call to Plein Air artists: Paint the town (and country) of Bruce

Special guest Marc Hanson, master OPA, will be participating in the event as well as doing a demo at noon on the day of the show, Saturday, Oct 7. 

*Please email Susan Patton if you might be able to paint in this event. I need the email address of interested artists for communication. (

This event is free and will be highly publicized by the North Mississippi Plein Air Painters, Skuna River Art Festival, and the Bruce Chamber of Commerce. The paintings will be nicely displayed for a show and sale in conjunction with the Skuna River Arts Festival on Saturday, October 7.
Participating artists are asked to paint 1 town and 1 country scene of Bruce (and the surrounding areas) PRIOR to the show. (Meaning a Bruce city scene and the countryside around Bruce such as farms, country churches, etc.) Artists may submit up to 5 paintings. The goal of the content of paintings is to depict the “town and country” of Bruce. Artists are encouraged to attend the show and sale on Saturday, October 7, in Bruce, MS.



Who is invited?
This show is open to all representational Plein Air artists. Feel free to share this info with your friends! Please email Susan Patton if you are interested in participating:

Will there be a demo by an artist the day of the show?
Yes. Marc Hanson, master OPA, will be doing a demo at noon on Saturday, Oct 7, for this show. He will set up near the area of the show so artists and public can see this demo.
Marc’s website:
Is there a reception?
The entire day of Oct. 7 (9 AM – 4 PM) is considered the reception for this show.

When do we paint?
We are asking for people to come to Bruce PRIOR to the show (throughout the month of September at your convenience) to do plein air paintings for this show.

What do I paint?

We ask that you paint 2 Plein Air paintings if at all possible:
1. A town Bruce scene

2. A painting from the countryside around Bruce

Most of us have plein air farm scenes that reflect this area, but we are asking for people to actually come down prior to the show date and do plein air paintings of the businesses as well as go out and paint from the local farms and community areas around Bruce. We ask that these paintings be of Bruce or the surrounding countryside around Bruce.To reiterate: We are asking that 1 of their paintings please include TOWN scenes so that we will not only have landscapes in our “TOWN and COUNTRY” show.
My suggestion is for artists to come to Bruce and start at the Bruce Square and go out all four directions and find a place that appeals to them both in the town and in the country.

Will there be a contest of the submitted art?



Can buyers purchase by credit card?

Only if the artist of the work being sold is present and has a way to do that transaction. The show volunteers will gladly help sell by taking cash or check, but we do not have a way to do credit card transactions. We will refer the buyer to the artist if they are interested in purchasing using a credit card.


Can I submit plein air paintings that I have already done before September?
Yes, if they are of Bruce or the countryside around Bruce. Because this show is advertised as “Town and Country” of Bruce, viewers will most likely be interested in knowing what locations we were painting.

When and where do I deliver the paintings?
Please deliver these paintings to the Bruce Museum the evening before (4-8 PM) or the morning of the show (6-8 AM on Oct 7.) If you are also setting up a tent for the festival, please deliver these works to me before you set up your tent for the festival.

Is this show the same as the “Skuna River Arts Festival”?

This show is held in conjunction with, and on the same date as the “Skuna River Arts Festival”, but is a separate show of plein air paintings of the TOWN and COUNTRY of Bruce. People can participate in the Skuna festival with a tent of their work if they want to (, as well as submit plein air paintings of Bruce for this “Town and Country” show depicting scenes of Bruce. The Museum where this show will be is on the square in Bruce and the Skuna Art festival is held on the lawn in the middle of the square.

What if I have additional questions?
Please email with any questions you have.



Alex McFarland may be the one on the stage, but he credits his wife, after the Lord, for the “wind beneath his wings.” Because of this, he commissioned me to paint a portrait of Angie, to surprise her on their anniversary. She was sure in for a surprise! He spoke at Billy Graham’s Cove in Asheville, NC, on their anniversary date, and invited me and Jeff for the reveal. Shortly after he started his talk, Alex had me to come up on stage and bring the painting out to Angie! She loved the portrait, and loves him, but was sure to tell Alex, “I’m going to kill you,” with a wink in her eye.

It’s that wink in her eye that I tried to capture in this portrait of Angie. It’s a wink that says, “You’ve got this, and I’m right here waiting in the wings.”

“Angie” (detail) 12 x 18, oil

Art show going on at ICC: Dot Courson and Susan Patton

It is truly and honor to be in an art show with my mother, artist Dot Courson. The reception for this show is September 22 at 2 PM at ICC in Fulton, MS. 

Oil Painting Workshop Announced


“Breaking through to success” oil painting workshop will introduce participants to 4 secrets to apply to take their paintings to a new level. The focus will be “From flat to 3D: adding form and dimension to your paintings.” Students will use photos for reference, but will have opportunities for observation and practice in plein air painting. To register, find out more information, or inquire about commissions, email Susan: .